To keep things classical, I will keep this as the theme for my first Blogpost. Thereby: Greetings to You; I hope you are having a wonderful day!


The classical “Hello, World!” programm which every programmer and also many non-programmers know. It is so influential that it even got into pop culture. But now, while searching for some facts for you, I realize that I was completely wrong about its origin.

“Hello World”

  • origin: example program in the seminal 1978 book “The C Programming Language.”
  • “Time to hello world” or TTHW is used as a measure for ease of use of a programming language

Now, this was enough information retrieval from Wikipedia for the day. For more, I encourage you to visit the information source every non-academic (and academic uses but refuses to admit it) and read more information for yourself about various variations as well as some code snippets.