Carsten Lüth

PhD Student @ IML Group at DKFZ


Heidelberg, Germany

I am a PhD Student in the Interactive Machine Learning Group at the DKFZ headed by Dr. Paul Jäger, where my main area of research is Deep Active Learning, a subfield of Machine Learning.

Further, I have past working experiences and am still interested in the fields of Deep Generative Methods and Anomaly Detection.

Until recently, I studied physics at the University of Heidelberg, focusing on Computational Physics.

Generally, I like to read widely because: “You never know what you don’t know”. But Deep Learning, Physics, Psychology, Programming, and Statistics have captured my mind for a long time now.

Also, during my free time I never let a chance pass by to entertain myself with some fiction, just to let my imagination run wild. Whenever I am neither reading nor working, I probably do something like wakeboarding, bouldering, playing piano, cooking, meeting friends, or programming.

I am even writing something on my blog from time to time – you might want to check it out.

selected publications

  1. Guided Image Generation with Conditional Invertible Neural Networks
    Ardizzone, Lynton,  Lüth, Carsten, Kruse, Jakob, Rother, Carsten, and Köthe, Ullrich
    arXiv:1907.02392 [cs] Jul 2019